Coghlan's Dynamo Wind Up Flashlight

$ 5.50

It’s the flashlight that never lets you down! Great for home, in the car, in your camper, boat, or storm emergency kit. It uses no batteries and contains 2 bright LEDs. Just crank it for one minute to get up to 30 minutes light!

  • Features 2 bright LED lights

  • Positive feeling ON/OFF switch

  • Convenient key chain clip


Please note: these lights will not come in packaging. We currently have the display bowl of the lights as shown in one of the pictures, we do not have the lights individually packaged. So, you will receive either a red or yellow light with no packaging but just a tag on the clip. If you have a strong preference on the color, please feel free to include it in the notes when you send your payment and we will try to accommodate your request if we can.